Cabo Pulmo | Beachfront Home For Sale
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Cabo Pulmo | Beachfront Home For Sale

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cabo pulmo home for sale

Welcome to my blog!

It´s been a while since my last blog, the Real Estate market in Cabo has been crazy this last couple of months, in a few words we are running out of inventory, prices are going up since the demand increased, so as usual in Real Estate, timing always matters.

Investing in Baja has always been a great idea, to have your getaway away from the cities, noise, crowds, and overall peace a quiet where you can really enjoy every moment with family or friends. Being that said, homebuyers usually look for the best deals and locations, the first option is beachfront, the deals on this type of properties are very limited, and the potential of some real estate opportunities are better than others, like this particular listing, i want to share the potential use for this beachfront home.

cabo pulmo home for sale

Yesterday I came across a new listing (land) in the pacific area, it was over $900k for less than half an acre, so i thought about this particular home in Cabo Pulmo, where you have a perfect swimmable beach, a house and similar size of land, right in the heart of Cabo Pulmo town for $100k less than the empty lot in the Pacific, so prices for properties have been blowing up lately, but this beachfront home in Cabo Pulmo has the right price, and thats why i want to talk about it.

First of all; Cabo Pulmo is a little beach town and National Marine Park just an hour and a half from Los Cabos International Airport, its north-east from San José del Cabo, and 20 mins south from La Ribera, where a lot of things are happening, like the new Four Seasons, Costa Palmas, Marina and Golf Course.

cabo pulmo home for sale

Cabo Pulmo has an average of 13,000 visitors per year, its quite something for a small village, the demand for housing has been increasing over the years, and the invetory is super limited.

This beach front three bedroom, three bath residence provides direct access to the famous Cabo Pulmo reef and its world renown snorkeling and diving. Fully furnished with a detached design offering three separate living courters surrounding a central court yard and assuring personal space and privacy for all guests.

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In other words this is one of the last great deals here in Baja, in terms of pricing, location, activities, its basically a perfect retreat, either to live or to rent it out, In my experience i´d say that this is an opportunity to own a home in a paradise beach, in a very interesting destination.

Click here to compare all the beachfront homes currently in the market, so you can see the true opportunity of what I am really talking about.

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