Tomas - Beachfront Real Estate Advisor in Cabo
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Tomas - Beachfront Real Estate Advisor in Cabo

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Tomás can help you understand Baja´s beachfront market so you can materialize your dreams using official data and his expertise.

Along this beautiful coastline, we see buyers with different interests enjoying their property at the fullest. Those whose priority is relaxing or investing. Others who like swimming, surfing or snorkeling, and those interested in retirement or high-end properties. Which kind of investor are you? Baja´s coastline offers a wide variety of investment options. If you are interested in investing on a Budget, you can go through a number of filters.

Active lifestyle. Swimmers might prefer coves along the Sea of Cortéz. For those whose snorkeling is their passion, Cabo offers amazing reefs for families. If your heart beats to the sound of breaking waves: Short or longboard? Left or rights? You tell me I guide you! In Baja you can find all sorts of Luxury properties offering all sorts of state-of-the-art amenities: beach clubs, gyms, tennis, spa, golf and marina. They ensure a memorable vacation for everyone. Some of them are ideal for corporate retreats, others are more suitable for PR and many are specialized in relaxing. Investment – Whether your personal interest is investing in lifetime memories, land banking or development, Tomás can advise you on the current hot spots with the best return.

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Available resources upon request. Buying beachfront property in Cabo, San Jose, East Cape and Pacific. Step by step guide to find your retirement property in Cabo. Financing guide.

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Tomás has the insight and expertise to help you find a property tailored to your interests, budget and lifestyle.

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