Cabo Sold Properties 2019
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Cabo Sold Properties 2019

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Tomas services include detailed analysis, stats and trends by property type and location. Whether you are selling or buying beachfront property, he helps you protect your interests from legal advice to property acquisition.

Beachfront Sold Properties Chart

beachfront advisor

Cabo San Lucas condo market doubled sales compared to 2018. More beachfront buyers see this niche as an entry-level and a lifestyle investment due to the high rental demand. Very few lots are available on the beach.

San Jose del Cabo increased home sales on the beach compared to 2018.

This is the typical property to meet with friends and family and of course, some corporations buy as a retreat. The condo market in San Jose represents again the most sales in all the Baja California Sur state.

East Cape Beachfront lots along the Sea of Cortez boomed with 25 sales compared to 9 in 2018. The calm water, endless water activities are ideal for families about to build custom homes or basically securing prime real estate. We also see increased sales in homes.

Pacific From the Pacific coastline, Pescadero is a hot spot, clients liked this area because they are close to farm to table restaurants, coffee shops and a tranquil atmosphere.

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