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Guide to buy properties in Cabo 2021

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Today I'm bringing to the discussion table how to buy a property in Cabo in 2021, this subject is very common in terms of if you can do it remotely or not, the market has changed this last year and we are getting used to more flexible ways to buy Real Estate. But basically, this is the way it works.

Let's start with the basics, lets say you already have a few properties on your portfolio, there is one of them that you really like, but you are not coming down any time soon, but you are very interested on it and the only thing that holds you up is that you haven't been there physically, and in Real Estate timing always matters.

So you start asking questions about the property, back and forward a few emails and calls discussing it, and then boom the property sells in between chatty.

And that's that, the property you liked is now sold, so now you feel like you won't find something similar that you´re attracted to it, so we´re back to ground zero, bummer.

Why did this happen in the first place?. Well, the thing is that someone pulled the trigger faster, not overthinking and making a decision right when they knew they liked the property and all their questions answered.

How to pull the trigger faster?


The fact is that you´re not the only one who wants to own a property on the beautiful beaches of Baja, not only Cabo San Lucas or San Jose del Cabo but La Paz, Todos Santos, or East Cape. These are critical times where properties are selling faster than usual, the market is not the same as 2 years ago, the sense of urgency has increased and the housing opportunities are getting limited, so instead of thinking it too much you better act.

See something you like?

Get all the details you can from the very beginning of your inquiry, think of all the questions you could possibly have about the property, sounds cheeky but the truth is that even saving a few emails back and forward is critical, because these emails become days of hesitation.

bahia turquesa lots for sale

Tour the property

You´re not here? no problem! Gladly we live in an era where that part is not an excuse anymore for real buyers, that's why we have video calls now, we can schedule a tour where i can be live from the property for you to see it like you are right there or a regular video of the property in general if the place is secluded.

Tour Casa 51 in Palmilla Estates


HOA fees? security? property taxes? after you clear your questions and when you are more than 80% positive that you actually like the property it's probably all good to go, that's when you know it and would like to buy it.

Put an offer

Putting an offer is an easy peasy, the truth about offers is that there are 2 types of buyers, the ones with a full price offer because they know what they are buying, and the other one that will make an offer with less than the listing price. Making your DD with your agent is crucial to make the right offer.

A lot of people think that people are dying to sell, so they start with lowballing offers which 90% of the time are just a waste of time for everyone involved.

All I can say is you have to do your DD to present an educated offer with fundamentals.

Identify the real property value, so you know that you are buying with a proper price range, how to know that? well, its easy as asking your agent to compare similar properties, get an average property value in the area you are interested in, and then after that, you can discover if the property you are purchasing is in the right price range, is cheaper, or more expensive than usual, in any of the cases of up or down the price, there must be some kind of reason, not everything revolves around the real estate itself, sometimes personal matters are the cause of prices, and the reasons remain unknown if they are too personal.

Once you identify the correct pricing you can make an offer with an adequate number that will be based on facts.

Full price offer

That's the best and most secure way to acquire property, in this case, if the comparison of properties showed that in fact, the property you want is in the right price range, you can totally go for it with the full price offer, because is just the right thing to do.

Lower offer

A lower offer could be backed by the same study that could have probably shown that the property is overpriced, maybe has a few details, paint, replace some stuff like fridge, stove or other hardware that affects the functionality of the property itself, lower offers should be supported by a reason other than being cheap.

Accepted Offer

When your offer gets accepted by the seller we will need a few documentation from you to start the closing process, which is basically the transfer of the property to you, this is done with closing officers and third party escrow accounts that hold the funds until the transaction is done, so no one touches that money until the documentation of the property is ready for you to sign as the new owner.


Owning real estate in Baja is a simple reality. Thousands of new owners from many countries have realized their dream here. The process includes establishing a bank trust or Fideicomiso, as it's known here. This instrument allows you to enjoy all the rights and benefits of ownership while adhering to the letter of Mexican law. The details can be covered completely at your convenience but we have helped many people through this simple process to make their vacation or retirement process a reality.

Bank Trust (Fideicomiso)

In order to own coastal real estate, the foreigner uses a bank trust, called a "Fideicomiso.” This instrument allows the Mexican bank of your choice to act as the purchaser of the property. The bank is the "trustee," and you are the "beneficiary" of the trust.

This agreement is very simple. Your bank (the trustee) takes instructions only from you (the beneficiary). All of the rights to the property are yours, therefore you are able to buy, sell, rent, or improve the property, etc. as you wish.

Closing date

That's the date when you sign for your new property with the Notary and when the seller gets the funds, that concludes the process of buying right in Cabo, this is the only date where you actually need to be present, all of the above can be done virtually, and this date can be established in the initial offer, you pick the date when you can come down with no rush.

The whole process itself when the offer gets accepted can take up to 45 to 60 workdays.

So are you ready to make a smart investment?, Connect with me.

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