Whale watching in Cabo
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Whale watching in Cabo

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One of the reasons why I decided to move in Los Cabos was large living beings, which do not go unnoticed, and their simple presence is synonymous of imposing.

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The arrival of winter at the Baja Sur It is not only the meaning of Christmas, if not of gray and humpback whale, which migrate from the cold waters of the Bering Sea and the Aleutian Islands in which they feed; to the warm waters of the Mexican Pacific Ocean in which they reproduce and have their calves.

One of the main tourist attractions of Los Cabos is whale watching, which can be done from different points of the Baja but today I am going to talk about one in particular, and for that we have to located in the Port of San Carlos, at 5 hours from Los Cabos.

The Port of San Carlos, is located on central west coast of Baja California sur, in Magdalena Bay, from mid-December to April it becomes one of the main tourist spots of the Baja, since European, Canadian, American tourists and more, they arrive to observe the wonderful spectacle that the arrival of the whales brings, providing the opportunity to live a unique experience, admiring their acrobatic jumps and their particularly song. In Puerto of San Carlos there are several tours which offer you to have a one-to-one approach, and not only that, but you can also caress and connect with its majesty and the great energy of these living beings.

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It is important that I mention that when you are taking a boat you must take into account that they have a visible flag, which will guarantee that the tourist service knows the protocols established by the NOM-131-SEMARNAT-2010.

By Living in the Baja Sur you have the opportunity to have access to these unique experiences or you decide if you live the experience from your property with ocean views every day during the winter.

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