Cabo San Lucas Land Banking
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Cabo San Lucas Land Banking

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Land Banking | Pacific & East Cape Locations

Acquiring beachfront land along Cabo San Lucas coastline is always a good investment. Whether is the Pacific ocean or the Sea of Cortez, new resorts and master planned residential communities are currently under construction. Some of the names are Four Seasons, Vidanta and Diamante.

Request a beachfront property portfolio of the best locations on the Pacific side and the Sea of Cortez and learn more about pricing and upcoming developments. In real estate, timing matters.

cabo investment land banking

Sea of Cortez - East Cape

North East of Cabo San Lucas, as you pass San Jose del Cabo you find Ritz Carlton all the way to Four Seasons. Water and outdoor lovers like this area called the East Cape due to the endless activities on the Sea of Cortez and unspoiled beaches.

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The Pacific Ocean.

Right north of Cabo San Lucas Marina, you find Pedregal, Diamante and now Rancho San Lucas. The following links give you access to the current inventory all the way up to Todos Santos.

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cabo investment land banking

Phase 1

As the graphic shows, this is the "fastest" form of investment, usually comes right when the price is "low" which represents an opportunity to make a few extra bucks in a short term.

Phase 2

Subdivide according to the land use assigned to each property. Size and density are the main factors. A market analysis helps you to get the pricing per lot. Certain market demands a single homesite to build custom beach homes.

Phase 3

Add Infrastructure to the property: roads, main access, and landscaping. This helps to sell faster lots and you create a residential community.

Phase 4

Develop. From lots, condominiums, townhouses or beach homes, our market research team assist our investors to find out the right price to sell on specific locations.

Featured beachfront properties in Los Cabos area.

Piedra Verde

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Friends and Family

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Connect with Tomas and learn more about land banking options available in Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo, East Cape, La Paz and Todos Santos area.

Tomas Germes

Beachfront Real Estate Advisor

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Tomás has the insight and expertise to help you find a property tailored to your interests, budget and lifestyle.

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