9 Palms East Cape, Los Cabos
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9 Palms East Cape, Los Cabos

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9 Palms, Los Cabos - Paradise to enjoy with Family and Friends

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9 Palms is situated on the heart of the East Cape of Los Cabos, where sunrises on the horizon of the Sea of Cortez call for an early morning surf session and sunsets paint the skies with mesmerizing colors for the perfect romantic setting.

This area is one of the most sought out places for those who love the outdoors, non crowded beaches, and wish to enjoy family time on a place where swimming, snorkeling, and other kid-friendly activities are safe.

Just like any other areas on the East Cape, time runs at a different pace. There are no schedules, no digital world, and no excuses to be “busy”. Here you´re forced to connect with nature, family and yourself.

The Area

9 palms

Just 10 minutes north from Shipwrecks and La Fortuna and 5 minutes south from Vinorama, 9 Palms enjoys a strategic central location, surrounded by miles of mountains, valleys and many secrets the Baja desert has for its explorers.


There are 2 basic roads that will lead you to 9 Palms: One is the most popular East Cape road, which has recently been paved all the way up to Playa Tortuga (near Zacatitos) and from there you drive 11 km (7 miles) up the dirt road until 9 Palms.

The other road is through the Palo Escopeta road, which can be taken near the Los Cabos International Airport. It´s a dirt road that passes through the small village of Palo Escopeta and drops you off at Vinorama, only 4 km (2.5 miles) from 9 Palms.

Investment Opportunities

-Buying land in 9 Palms now is the right time. The road is partially paved and electricity is coming sooner that you might think (work is on the way), so before this happens and prices increase dramatically, purchasing land here is a smart move.

Packages for developers are ready. Those searching to build a boutique hotel, a residential community, or any type of real estate project, we have the right listings and insightful information about the happenings and up coming developments on 9 Palms. Join paradise and invest with us, contact rodrigo@bajasmart.com for more information.

Featured properties:

Friends and Family, 9 Palms. East Cape
Title Insurance
Pre-approved Master plan
Asking price (as of April 2016) $14.4 M USD

Red Mountain, 9 Palms. East Cape
Title Insurance
Electricity trough CFE (Comision Federal de Electricidad) will be available soon
292 hectares (721 acres)
Asking price (as of April 2016) $24.5 M USD

For updated detailed information and contact me at rodrigo@bajasmart.com.
Real Estate Consultant in Baja Sur
Los Cabos, MX 011 52 (624) 122 0271 

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