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Los Cabos Ranches For Sale

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Traditional ranches have become “pearls of great value”. Scenic ranches with plenty of privacy, farming and wildlife have vaulted in value and it has nothing to do with the value of the produce or livestock that might be produced on the ranch. It appears that a new type of land baron, the Wall Street moneyed and the computer-industry rich has driven this upward movement in value. People are buying ranches for personal reasons. While stocks pay dividends, they are just a piece of paper. Land is real. You can visit it, walk on it and enjoy it. Investors like the sense of place that comes from owning land in the country.

The rural lifestyle is an important and additional reason for ranch purchase and investment. People desire to own rural properties for a place to recreate and relax. They desire to live in a rural environment, obtain and maintain the lifestyle of a farmer or rancher, and have an investment they can touch, feel, experience and enjoy. Contrary to traditional beliefs, beef production and profit are now of only secondary importance.

“People are buying these ranches as an investment because they expect the land to appreciate, but mostly, they're buying a property to enjoy the recreational potential and a place in the country.”

With worldwide trends on water privatisation and contamination, a ranch with access to high quantities of clean pure water, specially in the middle of a desert landscape, can be like a gold mine that assures organic production and the freshest water you can drink.

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