Pre construction pros and cons
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Pros and Cons of Pre Construction

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I often get asked what is better? Buying a built home, building my own home or purchasing a pre-construction development.

It all boils down to whether you are building a home for a vacation, for you and your family or you are looking for a rental investment where you may only be visiting Cabo every two weeks out of the year. You may ask what is the difference? Are you building a home that you're going to keep around for generations, passing it down as a legacy to your kids? Meaning you won't mind spending money on higher end finishes that will cost more, than if you bought a property with lower end finishes, as you don't mind as you will be renting it out.

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Buying pre-construction has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of buying pre-construction in Los Cabos booming real estate market is that you will be able to get a better price than when the project is completed, also the developer may offer you a direct financing plan. The disadvantages are that you will have to put money down upfront, but will also have to wait until the project is complete. You have to be very careful of who the developer is and who is building for you. It is very important to find out if the developer has a track record and what type of guarantees are stated in the contract that at all costs you will be delivered a condo or house as promised.

Building from scratch, in other words building from zero, can be exciting but also stressful. You need to be very careful of who is building your new home. What exactly is needed to prepare your land? How many meters are you able to build on? What permits are needed for the installation of water and electricity. All of these concepts can really stall a project and set you back depending on your time frame. These are very important aspects to consider.

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This is why many people prefer to buy real estate that is already completed one needs to be very careful who you hire to build, because sometimes there are a lot of costs that you have not foreseen. The type of finishes can vary from $75 a square foot to $135 per square foot on the higher end. Palmilla, Querencia, San Jose del Cabo beach side areas (not including pools) are usually around $90 a square foot to build. An Already Built Home in Los Cabos might not always be the option if you cannot find the home of your dreams, but if you do find the property for you, and it is already built, this means you can move in as soon as your contract is completed. This makes it a lot easier and faster than building a new home in Los Cabos.


This should give you a better understanding of numbers and options when building in Cabo. If you need any help with Real Estate in Cabo or investment, or a home for sale by the beach, please contact me at / or 6242410849, it will be a pleasure to assist.

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