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Welcome to my blog

This time I want to talk about "La Ribera" and what's happening in the Real Estate market.

La Ribera is a little beach town located 1 hr away from San José del Cabo, where you can find all services available, restaurants, boutique hotels, and much more. Now with everything that´s going on in the world, some people are looking for uncrowded places to expend vacations or even invest in it for the future, securing a piece of paradise for their families.


This little fishing village has become the light spot of the East Cape, a few luxury developments have invested in this pristine location that is slowly turning into an upscale place. Some of the most notorious things you can find today is the new marina and the golf course, and little by little attracting all sorts of investors that are looking for places like this where it's all just getting started. Being at the beginning of these destinations is always a good idea, property value will just keep increasing over time, and now is the perfect time to get in.

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Real Estate in La Ribera

When talking about properties it's always good to determine if this is a good spot for my clients, whether they are looking for a beachfront home, land to invest and develop, maybe a business like a boutique hotel that is already making money and they just take over.

A lifestyle investment to enjoy with family and friends.

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Connect with me if you are looking for properties for sale in La Ribera, lets find the perfect home or land that really suits your needs. In Baja Smart Real Estate We Make it Happen.

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I talk the real deal and help you find the perfect property for you with no bs in between, it is what it is, I don't sugar coat reality, and this helps my clients to make better investment decisions based on facts.

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