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Todos Santos Real Estate and Outdoor Adventures on the Pacific Coast

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La Pastora Beach Todos Santos

Discover the Magic of Todos Santos: A Gem on the Pacific Coast

Nestled on the stunning Pacific Coast, Todos Santos is a magical town brimming with history and natural beauty. Established in the 18th century by Jesuit missionaries, the town's origins are deeply rooted in its mission to evangelize the indigenous Guaycura and Pericue tribes. The Mission of Santa Rosa stands as a testament to this rich heritage, serving as the town's historical and cultural epicenter.

Punta Lobos

Todos Santos is a paradise where pristine beaches meet the rugged desert, creating a unique and enchanting environment. The Pacific Ocean's blue waves and the desert's golden sands converge to offer some of the most breathtaking sunsets in Baja California Sur. This picturesque setting is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and those seeking tranquility alike.

The town is a vibrant hub of art, music, and exceptional cuisine. Regular events showcase local talent and provide a taste of the region's cultural diversity. From art festivals to live music performances, there's always something happening in Todos Santos to inspire and entertain.

Todos Santos Downtown

Outdoor activities are abundant in this scenic locale. Whether you’re into yoga, hiking, horseback riding, surfing, diving, or mountain biking, Todos Santos offers a myriad of options to connect with nature. The imposing Sierra de la Laguna mountain range lies just behind the desert, offering endless opportunities for adventure. Here, you can discover hidden waterfalls, perfect for camping under clear, star-filled skies.

A short 10-minute drive from the town center takes you to Punta Lobos, a stunning hill where you can witness amazing sunsets and listen to the enchanting calls of sea lions in their natural habitat. Not far from here is Cerritos, a beautiful beach with crystal-clear waters and ideal waves for surfing. It’s a fantastic spot for family outings and enjoying sun-soaked days by the ocean.

Casa Boho Facade

One of the most unique properties in Todos Santos is Casa Boho. This exceptional home, crafted by local artisans using traditional building techniques like woven palo de arco, embodies the town's charm. BOHO BUNGALOW sits on a 1000-square-meter plot right on Las Playitas Road, offering stunning ocean views and a private garden filled with regional vegetation.

Fully furnished and adorned with exquisite details, Casa Boho is a true gem. The property not only serves as a beautiful residence but also holds significant commercial potential. Its strategic location and unique design make it an ideal candidate for your dream business venture. Don't miss the opportunity to explore this incredible property. Contact us today to learn more.

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