Cabo San Lucas 2 Bedroom Condos For Sale
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Cabo San Lucas 2 Bedroom Condos For Sale

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Discover 2 bedroom condos in Cabo San Lucas, find the property that best suits your needs in terms of space, amenities, location, and price range.

There are 2 main locations in Cabo to select the perfect condo for you.

Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas Corridor

Cabo San Lucas

2 bedroom condos cabo

Medano Beach

By living near downtown, your nearest beach will be Medano.

Medano is the signature beach party of Los Cabos, here you will find multiple water activities, restaurants, and bars.

The heart of Los Cabos, it attracts thousands of visitors per month, the perfect spot to be if you live there full time or part time and you can rent your condo while you`re away, there are several Property Management options in the area that will do the job for you.

Some popular hot spots of properties in Cabo are the following


Hacienda Beach

Paraiso Residences

Just to name a few...

View 2 bedroom condos for sale in Cabo San Lucas.

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Cabo Corridor

2 bedroom condos cabo

Misiones Beach

This is the beach that is the nearest from this location, either way the city isnt that big so in around 20 mins you can get basically anywhere.

Cabo Corridor is the lane that connects Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, Cabo Corridor is the main lane from Cabo San Lucas towards San Jose del Cabo, this is the area that has the greatest views to the bay, find your new condo here.

In this location you can find the below properties for sale.


Vista Velas

View condos for sale in Cabo Corridor

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Connect with us today and discover your new condo in Los Cabos.

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