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2 Bedroom Condos Downtown San Jose del Cabo

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Did you know that living downtown in the Historic District of San José del Cabo is making an impact on the real estate environment?.....independent of being able to enjoy the commercial Mexican urban style and family coexistence, to emphasize vertical real estate growth in order to live or as an investment.

Big development companies are looking for two important things: LOCATION and SURPLUS VALUE, two important topics that PROVIDENCE certainly offers.

PROVIDENCE Urban Living offers an excellent and perfect location in the historic downtown San Jose del Cabo. The development is located between the two most important avenues that connect the circuit of San José del Cabo, which are the Transpeninsular and Av. Centenary.

Carretera Transpeninsular

The location of the 2 bedroom/ bathroom condos in Providence will give you the most comfortable traffic flow to grocery stores, hospitals and beaches plus easy access to the San Jose del Cabo International Airport, but if you don’t want to use a car the walkability to restaurants, bars, art galleries, gyms, schools, convenience stores and parks are just minutes away!

2 bedroom condo san jose del cabo

Living in Providence will give you a Mexican urban lifestyle plus learning from families from all different parts of the world will give you a different perspective…. I might say it's pretty cool!

It is an important factor to find the home , but also to invest in finding properties that are profitable. PROVIDENCE CONDOMINIUMS offers that vital and safe part, which in the area is fully impacted by the high demand for rent both monthly or by night. In the area of downtown there are hardly any 2 bedroom/2 bathrooms for rent so that is why we are seeing the real estate transformation of the Historic San José del Cabo Center.

Providence San Jose

Investing in Los Cabos is always a guarantee, the appreciation on the properties will keep going up, so in the future if you decide that is time to find a bigger home here or simply you want to buy another property in another part of the world the profit you will make with the condos in Providence will help you archive that new adventure in your life!

San Jose del Cabo Centro

If you have any questions, I am here to help!!

All the best!

Jorge Carlo Perches Aragon

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