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Date Published: 11/30/2017

If you like sunny days at the beach Los Cabos is the perfect place to be. Living in this area you will find beautiful beaches and sunny days 90% of the year.

The weather in Los Cabos accommodates the perfect combo of beach and sun, our tropical location is ideal for a change.

Los Cabos divides in two, Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo where each one has their own lifestyle and personality. And when together they become Los Cabos.

Cabo San Lucas is the main attraction, hosting The Arch, our most known natural beauty and symbol of the southernmost area. It’s also the window from the Sea Of Cortez to the Pacific Ocean it’s just truly amazing.

The lifestyle in Cabo San Lucas is fast-paced the nightlife and bars make it a never-ending party for tourists and locals. So if you like to go out a lot, Cabo San Lucas is the right town for you.

San Jose del Cabo is the elegant and classy side of Los Cabos, here you will find the Art District with are blocks and blocks of galleries and nice restaurants. Walking in downtown San Jose is an experience of enjoyment and appreciation of the scenery that San Jose has to offer. Is a more quiet and familiar place.

And for those who don’t like people at all we have “The East Cape” more than 100 miles of coastline and beautiful beaches where you will find nothing but sun and beach, this area is made of a few homes that most of them live off the grid, it’s the ultimate getaway from everything.

So why Los Cabos is an amazing place to live? Well, nearly everything is around 25 mins away, the different spots and interests that mark and defines every area are super close to each other without breaking their specific style.

There are countless activities for everyone, depending on your interests you will find what suits you best.

Luxury Communities in Los Cabos

You can find luxury homes starting at $400k

New luxury residences from $600k to $1.6M USD

Investment opportunities starting at $150k

Luxury beachfront villas

Homes in golf communities starting at $2.9 M USD

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