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Date Published: 01/16/2018

Baja Smart Real Estate is the # 1 Real estate firm that you can trust when looking for advice for investments in San Jose del Cabo, we are THE experts in the area.


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When looking for real estate to invest or just to buy your new home, there are countless companies that offer the selling service, of course, everyone wants to sell and not always looking to offer the best deal that really suits your needs.

Here in Baja Smart Real Estate, our advisors will take care of your investment plans like our own, we believe in investing in trust with every buyer and seller, offering the best deal that adapts to their needs and desires.

Real Estate is always a good investment but there are a few steps to consider before making a purchase.

1- Location

This is always been a tool for real estate agents to sell, of course we consider location too, but c’mon, whether you are in San Jose del Cabo or Cabo San Lucas everything will be 20 mins away.

So given that just matters to focus on the community or development considered, the highlights, pros, and cons.

2- Return of investment

Will the property rise up in value? Usually, it does, but there are some investments that will leave you with more profit when you sell than others, this is only to consider if you may be selling in the future.

3- Lifestyle

Does the property suit your lifestyle? Why buying a house in a surf community when you don’t surf right? It’s something to consider before buying, think about what you will be doing in your new place, what’s near it and if you can take advantage of the property style.

4- Weather

Of course, the weather is one of the main things to consider, no one wants to freeze or melt, and luckily here in Los Cabos, we have tropical weather so is sunny and nice most of the year.

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