Where Do Millenials Invest?

Date Published: 03/14/2018

According to Forbes, millennials are investing in Real Estate, this is because they rather invest in something that is a tangible asset that surely becomes a real profit.


There are two ways millennials are investing right now:

1- Land Banking:

Buying land to sell later is one of the most lucrative activities anyone can do, it's the safest way to ensure your purchase will give you an excellent return of investment.

In a nutshell, beachfront property is limited and it has the highest demand., Land Banking is one of the safest investments in the world.

Inquire about the investment portfolio of prime properties along the coastline of the Sea of Cortez or the Pacific ocean.

Land Banking | Buy, wait and sell.

Investing in the land has never been so easy, at Baja Smart Real Estate we offer the best lands to make your investment grow in just a few years. The high demand for lands and parcels with beachfront are making the investors to make a move as quickly as they can, is no surprise that considering Los Cabos area is in great development timing, the beachfront Real Estate is getting limited since we are getting to a point where all the beachfront will be taken by the smartest and quickest investors and they will double or triple the value of their investment very easily with the right moves.

2 -Rental Income Properties:

Hassle free ownership, property management on site.

We are partners of the top Property Management Companies in Los Cabos area.

You have full control of your property

We use technology to keep you on the radar of whats happening in your property such as:




-Payment of bills

And everything related to the status of your property.

Vidah Residences is the perfect example of property development for rental incomes

The high demand for this type of properties are making Los Cabos grow in big steps, Vidah Residences in San Jose del Cabo is the newest member of luxury properties with amazing ocean views and centrally but mostly conveniently located

The tourism industry is the biggest in the world, Los Cabos weather ensures a great vacation experience, turning into a second or event third experiences where visitors always love to come back.

The active lifestyle that millennials often opt to have, lets them travel around while making money with their rental properties giving them the freedom they need and at the same time, making money.

Investing in rental properties is another way in which millennials have become successful businessmen, the demand for rentals in Los Cabos is growing and it is not a secret that rents have a potential in which You can get fast money while you own and rent your property to the visitors

Of course, the higher the investment, the better the property you get the better benefits and profits you earn.

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