Palmilla Lots For Sale

Date Published: 06/21/2018

Palmilla Real Estate

palmilla real estate

If you are considering buying a lot in Palmilla, find the MLS properties available. Lots Compare among the properties on the ocean or mountain side of Palmilla

It is important for me to consider my client’s long-term goals in how they would like to develop their desired property.  In an effort to provide the best service in considering the entire investment my client will be making it is very helpful to know:

Size of the lot required
Budget to build

This way I can consider all the expenses related to the client’s final goal and derive the most efficient options in lot selection. Read more about Palmilla Real Estate

Ocean side

Click here to see all properties for sale in the Oceanside of Palmilla


Click here to see all properties for sale in the Mountainside of Palmilla

Watch a Palmilla beach video:


For further information do not hesitate to contact me. I keep updated my clients with new properties on the market and price reductions. 

Tomas Germes

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