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Puerto Los Cabos Real Estate and Properties For Sale

Date Published: 03/11/2015

Puerto Los Cabos Luxury Homes

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Why do our clients love and chose Puerto Los Cabos while investing in Real Estate?

Simply put, this is the new high-end residential community with estate size properties ensuring full privacy and state-of-the-art amenities in Los Cabos, Mexico.

Beach Club, New Marina, luxury hotels and World-class golf courses (designed by Jack Nicklaus and greg Norman) and 3 miles of sandy beaches.

Puerto Los Cabos offers a wide variety of homes with  panoramic ocean views. From beachfront homes, fairway and cliff side. Contact us and learn more about properties available, news listings and the latest price reductions in Fundadores, La Noria and El Altillo.

Available real estate in Puerto Los Cabos

Beachfront property

Fundadores, Puerto Los Cabos Lot 177

Fundadores, Puerto Los Cabos Lot. Second row from the beach

Criterias to consider for choosing the right lot in Puerto Los Cabos.

1.    Location

2.    View

3.    CC&R’s

4.    Slope

5.    Property Size

6.    Topography

There are a number of criteria that can make an area your target. Often price is an issue. Ocean front commands a huge and well deserved premium. So does being in one of the marquis communities.

After deciding on a location, the following are the most important qualities you need to consider when evaluating lots:


In my opinion view is second to location. In Los Cabos view is king and will command more the better it is. Oftentimes, view lots are double the value of similar lots with no view. So make sure you completely understand what kind of view you will have. You will need to see a plot map to determine where the house can sit and plot maps of the lots in your view corridor (if possible). That will tell you what you will be looking at, once everyone builds.


Covenants, conditions and restrictions are limitations and rules placed on a group of homes by a builder, developer, neighborhood association and / or homeowner association. All condos and town homes have CC&Rs; however, so do most planned unit developments and established neighborhoods. They are typically created by the developer and reflect conditions that owners must follow in order to build.

Everything from setbacks, to home size, to roof type, to style of the home or to buildable elevations; are covered in the CC&Rs.


Slope typically plays a big role in the desirability of a home site. It also plays a significant part in the economics of building as excavation or landfill can be a big cost on challenging lots.

In my opinion, an expert is needed to at least roughly calculate the number of cubic meters of dirt required to create a building platform. And they can tell you the best ways to design the house to minimize costs.

Property Size

Clearly, size matters. It’s an easy way to determine the value of a lot.

But beyond size, you will also need to consider the allowable building area. A lot of people come to the Baja and use the rules of thumb that they would be comfortable with back home. In the end, they wind up with a lot that’s way too small for their ultimate desires. Better to get a bit larger than you think, than to squeeze a project onto a small lot.

On the other side of the coin, larger lots can pose challenges in terms of upkeep and maintenance and landscaping can be expensive. 


Finally, a topography study comes into play. For this you will definitely need a current survey to determine the natural elevations. 

I would not trust the developer’s topo as often the lots were surveyed very quickly or the topo was done before the roads were installed.

Imagine if you used an old survey and you thought you were building at say 10 meters above sea level. When in actuality you were only building at 8 meters. Now your neighbor comes in and gets an updated survey and builds to the allowed 10-meter mark. You will be very disappointed to find out your neighbor is now staring into your backyard. Or worse, the retaining wall is not sufficient which causes a problem with dirt sliding into your lot.

At the end of the day, a recent topo can nip all these possible problems in the bud. It is worth every penny you spend. 

Cabo Mexico Luxury Homes


At Baja Smart, we can provide very good resources to help you in choosing the right property in Fundadores, El Altillo or La Noria - Puerto Los Cabos. We also have experts to help in the finer details (design, survey, building platforms, etc).

Learn more about real estate in Puerto Los Cabos and other residential communities along the Sea of Cortez.

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Puerto Los Cabos Specialist

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