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Home Loans For Los Cabos Real Estate Purchase

Date Published: 06/18/2013

Los Cabos Home Loans

First Choice Loan Services, a reputable US bank as well as the preferred lender for Costco USA.

Ryland Apsey  works here in Los Cabos, Mexico to help buyers fund their local property purchases through a US Property cash out loan.

Since May of 2012 when Scotiabank pulled their financing products from Mexico, there has been a shortage of financing options for foreigners purchasing real estate here in Los Cabos.  Current options include private lending with interest rates upwards of 12%, Mexican peso loans at a similar interest rate with restrictions that make this financing difficult, and owner financing.

For those with equity in a US property, above average credit, and a need for capital at a low interest rate (mid 2's to low 4's) to finance a second home in Los Cabos, Mexico, then Ryland Apsey of US based First Choice Loan Services is the best option for you.  Mr. Apsey will match or beat any other US mortgage broker's products.  He has been a resident of Cabo since 2006 and has been working here in the mortgage business all that time.  Apsey has a strong rapport with the local broker community and all local closing companies responsible for the transfer of title.  Being that your mortgage broker will be working directly with us at Baja Smart Real Estate, a hassle free and expeditious purchase process will ensue.  After pre-approval funding will take place in as little as 30 days.

See below for specifics.

Home Loans in Los Cabos Mexico Financing Property

Contact me for more information on financing your property here in Mexico with a Cash-Out Loan.

Timothy M. Nuanes

Real Estate Consultant

Office       624 142 6039

Mobile     624 125 1644

CAN/US  949 306 5859

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