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Guadalupe Reyes Marathon

Date Published: 12/12/2017

The Guadalupe-Reyes Marathon is a typical expression of the Mexican Culture. This appointment began in the nineties. Informally refers to the period of intermittent holidays, between December 12 (day of the Virgin of Guadalupe) to January 6 (day of the Three Wise Men). During this period there are several celebrations that, due to chronological proximity, constitute a marathon of festivities.

Guadalupe-Reyes Marathon Festivities

December 12: celebration of the apparitions of Our Lady of Guadalupe to San Juan Diego Cuauhtlatoatzin

December 16th to 24th: inns are held during this period (9 in total)

December 24: Christmas Eve is celebrated together with the last posada

December 25: Christmas is celebrated

December 28: commemoration of the Day of the Holy Innocents

December 31: celebration of New Year's Eve

January 1: New Year's party

January 6: Day of the Three Wise Men and departure of the traditional thread of kings

In conjunction with these parties. The marathon continues until February at the Candelaria Day party, which is exactly February 2. This is linked to the Guadalupe Reyes marathon, because of the day of  The Three Wise Men, each attendee split the portion of their rosca, this contains several symbolic figurines to the child of god. If one of these dolls is in your piece of rosca, they are automatically forced to be part of the organization of the fiesta de la candelaria, which at least is a good tamaliza and is usually accompanied by atole or champurrado. However given the separation of almost a month to Guadalupe Reyes this holiday is not considered as part of it.

This marathon is a custom of Mexicans with the unsporting pretext to justify the holidays during this holiday season.

Starting from December 12 to January 6, Guadalupe Reyes has a route as long as a marathon.

Regardless of the origin or who came up with this phenomenon, we Mexicans use this pretext to attend the greatest number of Christmas parties.

Posadas, parties, toasts, end of the year dinners, parties with friends or family members, are some of the stages of this race.

Then come the pre posadas, to start on December 16 the period of posadas, which conclude until December 24, when it is Christmas Eve and the next day Christmas.

December 28 is the Day of the Holy Innocents (Like the fools day but Mexican) and the 31st is celebrated the eve of the New Year that enters on January 1.

To close this marathon of parties comes the game of the Rosca de Reyes, on January 6, and those who still have strength.

This is a tradition adopted a couple of decades ago but that will last forever in the hearts and stomachs of Mexicans.

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