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Date Published: 07/11/2018

Friends and family beachfront lot

9 palms east cape

Los Cabos developer beachfront property on the East Cape in Baja California Sur. 1,312 feet (400 meters) of beachfront.

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The natural growth of Los Cabos is going towards the East coastline. The Sea of Cortez on this side is still in pristine conditions and basically untouched, there are several locations that make the East Cape the perfect momentum for investment.

A high demand of accommodation and new residences is towards the beachfront properties is expanding to this side of the coastline, the new Vidanta Resort is the perfect example of a solid investment for both parties; the buyer and the seller.

Some of the up coming properties and names are: Ritz Carlton Reserve, Caesars Palace, and Costa Palmas, these developments will bring hundreds of people to start looking to buy a home or lot near their job, managers and directors of these companies will find out that is way better to live close for them to have a better response in time in case of incidents.

Zacatitos is the nearest community to Vidanta in the East Cape

9 palms east cape

A small community of beach lovers that is conveniently located for newcomers in the area, basically, if you are new in Cabo and you work in the new Vidanta in the East Cape, this is the place to live.

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Shipwrecks is the second nearest community to Vidanta.

9 palms east cape

If you are more adventurous, this place is the one for you, several surf spots in shipwrecks and a few minutes away from other great surf waves.

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Back to town there are 2 new developments currently being build. Caesars Palace and Ritz Carlton, both in Puerto Los Cabos Marina, Caesars Palace is right next to the marina, and Ritz Carlton 1 mile away from it.

9 palms east cape

And is actually like 20 mins away from Zacatitos too, but if you want to invest near the new developments, all areas around 3-7 miles away from upcoming hotels will increase their value in short time, and now is really the time to invest in these areas.

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Now if you are a legit investor with no rush, 9 Palms is the place to do so.

Connect with us today and discover the perfect investment for you according to your desired budget.

Tomas Germes

Real Estate Advisor

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