Why We Love Los Cabos: Beaches

Date Published: 01/13/2018

Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, is situated on a privileged corner in the world, the Baja peninsula and its shores make of it a long semi-island, where you can find beautiful beaches all around it for all purposes.

Now speaking of Los Cabos and its surroundings we have come to a top 10 beaches in the area where you can find entertainment and activities for all ages.

1- Palmilla Beach | San Jose del Cabo

Palmilla is the best swimming beach in San Jose del Cabo, is suitable for everyone to enjoy.

2- Chileno Bay | Cabo Corridor

The white sandy beach and the cristal clear waters makes this beach ideal for snorkeling, dive into another world.

3- Santa Maria Bay | Cabo Corridor 

This is one of a kind bay, clear deep waters super nice for those who know how to swimm already, when the tide is high beware.

4- Medano Beach | Cabo San Lucas 

Welcome to the party beach of Los Cabos, if you want to have a blast around bars and restaurants on the beach you have come to the right place, is safe for swimming and party.

5- Lovers Beach | Cabo San Lucas

The signature beach of Los Cabos, a place that you just cant miss while visiting this destination.

6- Misiones | Cabo San Lucas A surfers beach where you will find a left wave, rocky bottom, not exactly to hang out and swim safely, but excellent for surfers.

7- 9 Palms | East Cape – San Jose del Cabo

Located in the east cape, 9 Palms Beach is safe for swimming, surfing and other water activities is around 40 mins away from San Jose del Cabo, but is worth it.

8- La Bocana | San Jose del Cabo

Just in front of the estuary of San Jose, you will find this beach, not really suitable for swimming, but very fun for surfers and bodyboarders experienced swimmers only.

9- Shipwrecks | East Cape – San Jose del Cabo

A surfers paradise, only 20 mins away from Puerto Los Cabos Marina, this spot is preferred for surfers, where you will find left and right waves to ride, a very fast righty

10- Costa Azul | San Jose del Cabo

The most famous spot for surf in San Jose, you have several spots in this area, from beginners to advanced is your choice, but careful with the sharp rocks.

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