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East Cape Property Guide

Date Published: 07/27/2018

Explore the locations in the East Cape

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East Cape

The perfect retreat area for beach lovers, in The East Cape you will find several locations to live peacefully and surrounded by nature.

Real Estate and Lifestyle in the Gem of the Baja.

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Featured Property Cruz de Sur in Zacatitos | SOLD


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The most known beach community, and the closest to town, Zacs is the perfect place for those looking to live in a beach community no so far away from the city, is only 15-20 mins away from town and the road to Zacatitos is 85% pavement, beautiful beach to enjoy.

Playa Tortuga

Just at the end of the pavement road you will find Playa Tortuga, this small community is 10 mins further than Zacs, you can still drive nicely to the location cause is about 80% pavement to it and no so far away from civilization.


Right next to Playa Tortuga, there is Shipwrecks, a world famous surf spot, righ, left, you choose.

La Fortuna

10 mins away from Shipwrecks we can find "La Fortuna" , another surf spot that is quickly becoming more popuar due the several spots to ride a wave in this location, nice surf, small community.

Bahia Terranova

Terranova features a beautiful beach, cristal clear water and suitable for swimming when there is no swell. White sand and miles of pristine beach.

9 Palms

The gem of the East Cape, 9 Palms is well known for a long wave to surf, is a community in constant growth, the beautiful scenery and lands cape, not to mention the awesome surfing is attracting more and more new residents, either to live or to make a profit with rental spaces.


This community is the nearest if you take the airport road, avoiding bumps, you will find that Vinorama features gorgeous beaches and wide open spaces for activities.

Punta Perfecta

Another surf spot, this one is practically a secret, when the right swell hits, a perfect wave arises from it, that is where it got its name "punta perfecta" or "perfect point" .

Roads to the East Cape

Depending on your destination, there are 2 ways to get into the East Cape.

1- From Los Cabos International Airport

The red line as follows shows the road to get all the way to the most further communities in the east cape, the road is usually in good shape due the people living in near areas, it takes about 45 mins to get there, to get to that road first you need to go to "Catarina", a small community just at the beginning of the road, then you are good to go.

golf villa

2- From Puerto Los Cabos

This is the most common road to get there (blue line) , there is pavement all the way to Playa Tortuga, from there you can see and appreciate the ocean view along the way, the road is a little bumpy.


Solar powered

Water is trucked

Internet and TV are satellite

Life off the grid

Buying property

Read more about acquiring real estate (Offer, escrow account, closing, bank trust)

Property management is available for hassle-free ownership. Several homeowners rent their vacation homes as rental income assets.

Connect with us today and discover your new life at the East Cape in Baja.

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